12 December 2011

one month and counting

woke up with this bouquet greeting me! 
December 12, 2011---one month after we said "I Do!" 
It seems like we've been married for a long time already and half of the feeling is just like being girlfriend-boyfriend. Kasi may month-sary na! =D hehehe! We didn't have those celebrations before we got engaged because we didn't really have that stage and we don't have that "Oo" moment... =( =) =D Well, we each have an "Oo" moment with the Lord... weird noh? Deh, ka-normal-an yan when you serve God! haha.

Really, the first month had been places, people, prayers and prophecies over us. We haven't stayed at home much of the time. But at-home with each other. naks! I guess that's one of the things you learn when you get serious in serving God. His presence is your home and the people He loves. God is home. God's People is home. Genesis is home.

I wish I could say more. And I will... next time.


heart to heart